We are a professional and progressive project management team, and we truly make a difference. We make things happen!


Benefit from our expertise

We provide consulting services within Project Management and Project Management Coaching. We take on large as well as smaller engagements.


Area of Expertise

  • Project Life Cycle Management
  • Adaptation of project methods to cater for specific needs
  • Unified Planning Techniques .:. DevOps .:. Projects
  • Application of methods inside:
    • Service development and launch
    • Unified Cloud Communication/Collaboration
    • Internet of Things – Smart and Small Data
    • Micro Services Development
    • Enterprise Systems integration development
    • Process and Systems Development
    • Transformation and Systems Consolidation
    • Security Protection Class Systems and Solutions


Professional and progressive

We are a Professional Services and Project Management Team within Nietsche Management. Our background comes from the great IT company called American Management Systems Inc. (after 2004: CGI Group Inc.), and we cooperate with several key players in the Nordic IT Industry.

Our achievements are based on the fluent mix of execution strategy, engagement, and techniques in delivering projects.

We truly make a difference, we make things happen.

Customers choose us and our consulting partners for our engagement, work ethic, problem fixing approach, understanding of business needs and constraints of system automation, and the ability to deliver projects we take on.

“Benny @ Nietsche Mgmt is a very skilled Senior Project Manager. He is vocal, energetic, skilled, persistent, all this without passing the fine line to pushy. He is very energetic and a go-getter! He manages to merge his personality with a structured way of working.”

“High focus on the business value of the efforts, seeking understanding and acceptance for the business and project objectives. As well as, carries a constant dialogue with the Business Owner/Project Owner about the business value of the undertakings.”

“He is Best-In-class in Agility within the PMO, selling his way of working to his peers. He has proven to be very skilled in identifying and baselining operational requirements, as well as taking a hostage in the receiving organization. Best-in-Class!”

“He understands Risk Management and handles risks and mitigations swiftly and effectively.”

“I would not hesitate to recruit him again.”

Micael Erneborg, Project Mgmt Office Manager


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